We are a group of people sharing the same interest of
standing with oppressed women in troubled geographies, in hope to end to injustice in the world. We believe that the world peace will rise from al-Quds. We feel the necessity of supporting women of al-Quds who their suffering is similar to Mary’s.

Who is Mary?

Mary is a symbolic figure inspired by the reality of the women of al-Quds, who faces oppression for following and standing firm to the values and principles she believes in.

Mary (PBUH)

The campaign is named after Blessed Mary, who faced various types of harm along with her son Jesus (PBUH). Her mother gave birth to her in al-Quds, and pledged her as a servant of the mosque. al-Quds chambers, streets and houses knew her. Her love was imprinted on every stone of it. She loved al-Quds, and al-Quds loved her. She has the right to live in the place which loves her and she loves back. It is our duty to lift up her suffering, and protect her against the oppression of occupation.

What Do We Want?

We want to launch our campaign ‘We Are All Mary’ which aims to shed light on the suffering of women ofal-Quds, to support them with all means, and to contribute to left the injustice imposed on them.

Campaign Objectives

Shedding light on the suffering of women of al-Quds. Contributing to support women of al-Quds by creating a state of global interaction with women of al-Quds. Supporting the steadfastness of women of al-Quds and contributing to lifting of the injustice imposed on them.